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Business Customization

Business Customization

Business Customization

Jami is an application destined for multiple uses. It can be used both as a communication tool and as a technology for connecting objects. Adaptable to different environments and companies, Jami is a lever towards the autonomy of communication, by not requiring any servers. Jami is a GNU package.


The application uses distributed hash tables (DHT) to establish communications. This technology eliminates the use of centralized registers and the retention of personal data. Jami is based on a distributed network technology, allowing it to not use servers that require dependency and that facilitate mass surveillance.

Jami stores your secrets (private keys for encryption and identity) only on the machine that executes it, which belongs to you. Your device is therefore the sole holder of your information.


Jami offers a digital identity with accounts that do not require anyone exposing their personal identity. All of the communications are encrypted with no exception with the most advanced current techniques. As a free software, Jami is underpinned by an essential objective: to be a distributed communication system that respects the privacy of its users, thanks to its design without infrastructures or centralized servers.


Jami can run on a local network. This becomes very relevant in contexts where the network connection is limited or in isolated environments.

Free Software

Jami is proud to be and use only free software. Jami is under GPLv3+ license. This founding principle makes it possible to attract as many people as possible from all horizons, to make all the executed code verifiable and therefore provide a healthy community development model.

Jami is also officially a GNU package and a high priority project as a result of its integration as a GNU project of the Free Software Foundation.

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