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Specific features for each use

Because Privacy matters on the internet, Jami allows you to communicate freely and will always maintain your privacy whether you want to send a message, start an audio or video call, or share files.

Audio calls between Jami users

Make audio calls between Jami users with 48 kHz audio quality.

Audio and video conference calls

Enjoy conference calls with an unlimited number of participants with crystal clear Opus audio quality of 48 kHz.

HD video calling

Experience HD video calls.

Instant messaging

Benefit from encrypted and secure text messaging, without any central server, utilizing a distributed network.

Emojis and animated GIFs

Share expressions and emotions using emoji and GIF punctuation.

Voice messaging

Record your voice in one click. Useful when you have a long story to tell.

Video messaging

It is possible to record video messages and send them to Jami users.

Photo sharing

Share photos of unforgettable moments.

File sharing

Send files of all sizes between Jami users. The files .gif, .jpg, jpeg, .png, .webp, .ogg, .mp3, .wav, .flac, .webm, .mp4 and .mkv are automatically downloaded.