You can give us your feedback on the new ringtones for Jami by voting for your favourite one here.

How many ringtone can you recognize and tell which app or device brand they belong to? The answer is likely to be quite a few for most people. Default ringtones are part of the identity of communication apps and devices, which is why it is important to choose the right one for Jami.

Finding an appropriate ringtone with a royalty free license is a challenge, there aren’t that many good ones out there. The one that we had so far for Jami was fine, but it wasn’t great and we thought it was time to get a better one. As software developers, we are not very talented in sound design and musicality, which is why we asked our friend Cub Reaf to create one for us. He delivered a set of ten ringtones to choose the default one from.

« The ringtones ensemble is shaped by an acoustic universe. Towards lands where everything remains to be built, my inspiration came from the Nigerian afro for the main ringtones. Musicality is what I tried to maintain so that each ringtone formulates its own emotion. »
- Cub Reaf

These ringtones are a work in progress and we welcome any feedback you may have about them. We are also interested to know which one is the most popular and you can help us by voting for your favourite one here. The one with the most votes is likely to be set as default in Jami, but the others will still be available. Additionally, you will always have the option to use your own one if you prefer.

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash