Onward to the next steps!


Over the past two weeks, the development team has focused on improving Jami's overall reliability by stabilizing the application through bug fixes. Notably, they've successfully resolved several deadlock issues:

In addition to stabilization efforts, the team has begun building a framework for automated tests based on user scenarios (smoke tests). This framework will be integrated into our CI/CD pipeline, enabling us to better handle bugs and connectivity-related issues and to also prevent regressions.


  • Bug fix in the call model's getProposed function, notably when a user stopped sharing his screen during a private call.


The Android development team has also focused on maintaining continuity in our stabilization efforts. Specifically:

  • We have been addressing issues related to the disappearance or flickering of file previews, particularly for image and video files.
  • Based on user bug reports, we have identified and corrected a problem where call buttons would disappear in CallView when the Android interface scale and font scale were set too large.


A new Beta version was released this week, including updates and several bug fixes.
  • Inconsistencies with message read and sent status: when a message is sent from Android to iOS, and the recipient reads it, the read status wouldn't update on Android until the iOS user left the conversation. Conversely, the read status on Android updated immediately when the iOS recipient opened the conversation.
  • An issue with linking new devices to an existing account has been fixed. The bug occurred when linking an additional device (tested on iPhone and Mac) to an existing account and then restarting Jami on the iOS device, the newly linked profile disappeared.
  • A new option has been added to disable encryption for media streams (SRTP) for SIP accounts.


🔌 We are working thoroughly on the plugin certification system to make it easier for developers outside the Jami team to implement plugins on the platform.

⏭️ Thanks to a major effort to fix deep-rooted bugs, long-standing reliability problems have been resolved, increasing the efficiency of Jami's upper code layers tenfold. The project is moving on to the next stage ❗

Thank you for your ongoing support and stay tuned! 👀