Newsletter Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and we are committed to ensuring that our data practices align with global privacy regulations.

1. What information do we collect?

We only collect your email address and no other personal data. Your email address is exclusively used to facilitate the delivery of our newsletter.

2. What do we use your email for?

The email you provide is used exclusively for two purposes:

  • Delivering regular updates and carefully curated articles regarding Jami.
  • Soliciting your participation and support for Jami’s donation campaign.

3. How do we protect your information?

We employ a standard set of security protocols to ensure the safety of your personal information when you submit your email address. Both your browser session and the communication between our website and the Mailchimp API are secured with SSL/TLS encryption.

4. Third-party service

To streamline our newsletter distribution process, we use Mailchimp, a third-party service provider as our email marketing platform. Mailchimp complies with relevant data privacy regulations, including GDPR and CCPA.
For details regarding Mailchimp's privacy practices, please refer to their privacy policy at:

5. Hosting clarification

It is important to note that neither Savoir-faire Linux Inc. nor Jami will host any personal data in our database. We act solely as facilitators and your email will be securely stored only on Mailchimp's servers located in the United States.

6. Compliance with PIPEDA, GDPR, CalOPPA and Law 25:

  • PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) - Canada: Savoir-faire Linux Inc. operates in compliance with PIPEDA, which governs the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information by private-sector organizations in Canada.
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) - European Union: For our European subscribers, please be aware that our data practices comply with the GDPR, ensuring that your personal information is processed transparently, lawfully, and for specified purposes.
  • CalOPPA (California Online Privacy Protection Act): While our organization is not based in California, and we comply with global privacy standards, we respect and adhere to the requirements of CalOPPA, which provides additional privacy protections.
  • Your Rights - Do Not Sell My Personal Information (CCPA): We do not sell your personal information.

7. Compliance with Law 25 (for Quebec residents):

By subscribing to our newsletter, you explicitly consent to:

  • Receive updates and articles regarding Jami, receive solicitations to participate and support Jami's donation campaign.
  • The transfer of your email address to Mailchimp's database located outside of Quebec, Canada.

For Mailchimp’s compliance with Law 25, visit

8. User Consent

By subscribing to our newsletter, you freely choose to provide your email address and consent to the collection, processing, and transfer of your email address as outlined in this privacy policy.

9. Opting Out

You have the right to easily withdraw your consent and to opt out of our newsletter at any time.
You can withdraw your consent or unsubscribe from our mailing list:

  • Clicking the unsubscribe link found in the footer of our emails.
  • Contacting us directly at

Once you opt out, your email will promptly and irrevocably be removed from our mailing list

10. Changes to Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy may be periodically updated to reflect changes in our practices, or for operational, legal, or regulatory reasons. Any modifications will be communicated through our website or via email.

Thank you for entrusting Savoir-faire Linux Inc. with your information.
We remain dedicated to safeguarding your privacy and delivering valuable content related to Jami.