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Plugins for Jams

Jami plugins

Jami is a universal communication system, meaning it can be used by anyone, anywhere. Jami plugin system provides to our community of developers the tools to contribute to the rise of Jami by transforming any ideas to real features. Plugins can be used to modify a video stream without having to be familiar with the complexity of Jami.

Modify your background with the Greenscreen plugin

The first available plugin is named "Greenscreen". This plugin based on Tensorflow, allows you to modify your background during a videocall. Plugin is available on Windows, Linux or Android.


As we do not rely on any server, intelligence and computing are directly processed on your device thus, consuming lots of machine resources.

How to enable the plugins?

  • Download the Greenscreen plugin for your platform (see links below)
  • Enable "Plugins" from Jami settings
  • Install the plugin (.jpl) previously downloaded from Jami settings
  • During a call, a "Plugin" button is now displayed in the call layout. Click on it to activate the plugin.

Windows & Linux:

Two versions of the "Greenscreen" plugin are available. For optimized performances, the GPU version is only recommended if you have a Nvidia graphic card on your computer with a compute capability of 6.1 or higher (check this link to know your GPU compute capability). If you do not have a Nvidia graphic card or your compute capability is lower than 6.1, download the lite version.

Note: on Windows, it is mandatory to first install CUDA and cuDNN to be able to run the plugin on the GPU.

Download for Windows (Lite) Download for Windows (GPU) Download for Linux (Lite) Download for Linux (GPU)


Only the most recent mobiles supporting IA computing will be able to run this plugin.

Download for Android